Unlimited Storage!
How does unlimited storage work?


It’s pretty straightforward—users that follow normal email practices and comply with our anti-abuse limits can consume an unlimited amount of free email storage. This will apply to both new and existing users.

Wait – what? Wow!

*等等 - 啥?哇!(幽默)

How can Yahoo! afford to give away unlimited email storage?

By hiring outstanding engineers, of course! Ours have been hard at work developing an incredibly efficient backend storage system. Protected by responsive anti-abuse controls, this updated storage system gives you the option to never delete another email! Unless, of course, you want to.


How will you prevent abuse?

Responsive anti-abuse controls enable us to effectively identify anyone who’s taking advantage of Yahoo!’s email service. We want to ensure that everyone benefits from unlimited storage!


What exactly does unlimited storage mean?

The purpose of unlimited storage isn’t to provide an online storage warehouse. Usage that suggests this approach gets flagged by Yahoo! Mail’s anti-abuse controls.


Unlimited storage gives normal email account users like yourself an opportunity to not have to worry about hitting a storage limit. Basically, the idea is that now you can save your correspondence and memories and never worry about deleting older messages to make room for more.


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